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As a metal-smith

I am drawn to industrial debris

as others are drawn to pirate's treasure.

Utilizing salvaged copper and

exotic scrap, I specialize in creating

unique sculptures and vessels,

incorporating riveted

and woven surfaces

with etchings and hammer marks

to reflect the work-worn

origin of the materials.

My art invokes the

unexpected re-birth

of cast-off materials into useful vessels reflecting the necessary interleave of nature and industry.










For 2018, Crys invites you to check out her classes at

Red Deer College



Creative Metalsmithing


July 16, 2018 to July 20, 2018

Discover the dynamic properties of metal! Be part of the astonishing

transformation from a flat sheet of copper to a finished bowl, learning how metal works in the process. Create 3 to 4 pieces over the course of the week. All levels of experience are welcome.











Metal Basket in a Day


July 21, 2018

Turn copper strips into a gorgeous metal basket! In only one day you will have fun weaving a square copper basket using simple basketry techniques combined with metalsmithing skills.

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A Week of Metal Baskets


July 23, 2018 to July 27, 2018

Learn the magic of combining basket-making and metalsmithing to create unique signature baskets or sculptures. Learn different weaving techniques to create patterns, as well as metalsmithing techniques. All levels of experience in any medium are welcome.



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As well Please see Crys's work on display at


Blue Rock Gallery


110 Centre Avenue W.

Black Diamond, Alberta