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Having ridden since childhood I often use equine imagery in my work and I enjoy riding as often as my busy and artistic lifestyle will allow.



As a metal-smith I am drawn to industrial debris as others are drawn to pirate's treasure.


Utilizing salvaged copper and

exotic scrap, I specialize in creating unique sculptures and vessels, incorporating riveted

and woven surfaces with etchings and hammer marks to reflect the work-worn origin of the materials.


My art invokes the unexpected re-birth of cast-off materials into useful vessels reflecting the necessary interleave of nature and industry.











New courses for 2016


Series Summer Arts School

Red Deer College, Red Deer, AB













Metal Basket in a Day

July 16, 2016





Turn copper strips into a gorgeous metal basket. In only one day, weave a square copper basket using simple basketry techniques combined with metalsmithing skills such as annealing, texturing, and riveting. Learn to attach rims and colour your creations. Participants with all levels or experience in any medium are welcome.



Creative Metalsmithing CLASS FULL



Etching for Metalsmiths

July 18-22, 2016




Learn exciting etching techniques on copper and brass. Etch a piece and create a sculpture, experimenting with many different resists, including paints, asphaltum, and PNP for smaller projects. Included will be an introduction to electroetching and low-tech photoetching for the home studio, using photo resist with ordinary tools, and etching other materials such as silver, gold, and iron. This is not a printmaking course. However, you may want to prepare some small plates for your own use after the class.